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Linux kernel 2.6.38

2011.03.16. 13.43
Linus Torvalds a linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org levelezőlistán bejelentette a Linux kernel következő stabil kiadását, ami a 2.6.38-as verziószámot viseli. A levél első mondatában leszögezi, hogy nem sok változás történt az -rc8-as kiadás óta. Legjelentősebb változásnak az nfs, a brtfs és a mips frissítése tekinthető. Ezenkívül számos média, GPU és hálózati modul került frissítésre.

A bejelentés itt olvasható.

A levél bevezetője:

Not a lot of changes since -rc8. Most notably perhaps some late nfs and btrfs work, and a mips update. Along with some more vfs RCU lookup fallout (which would only be noticeable with the filesystem exported with nfsd, which is why nobody ever noticed).

And the usual driver updates, mostly media and GPU, but some networking too. The appended shortlog is for the changes since -rc8, and gives some feel for it. Nothing really too exciting, I think.

As to the "big picture", ie all the changes since 2.6.37, my personal favorite remains the VFS name lookup changes. They did end up causing some breakage, and Al has made it clear that he wants more cleanups, but on the whole I think it was surprisingly smooth. I think we had more problems with random other components (nasty memory corruption in networking etc) than with the rather fundamental path lookup change.

So I'm hoping this ends up being a fairly calm release despite some really deep changes like that.