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VLC 2.1.2

2013.12.10. 12.50
Megjelent a világ legnépszerűbb videolejátszójaként számon tartott VLC legújabb, 2.1.2-es verziószámmal ellátott kiadása. Az új verzióban javítottak a hangkezelés alapjain, az OpenGL kimenetet OpenGL ES-re portolták, bővítették a hardveres dekódolás listáját és újabb formátumok kerültek támogatás alá. A változások teljes listája (angol nyelven) az alábbiakban olvasható.


  • Rewritten audio core, allowing better volume and device management.

  • Rewrite of the audio modules, to adapt to the new core.

  • Correct support for multi-channel layouts in all formats: 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1

  • New audio outputs for Windows Vista, Android, iOS, OpenBSD and OSSv4.

  • New remapping, gain, stereo widening, downmixing effects.

  • Higher samplerate, precision, live configuration in the core.

  • Numerous new audio metadata format supported.


  • Port the OpenGL output to OpenGL ES.

  • Support color conversion shaders in glsl on Android and iOS.

  • New outputs for OpenMax IL on mobile and Decklink Blackmagic.

  • New video outputs for iOS using OpenGL ES2.

  • Support for deinterlacing for higher bit depth and XYZ colorspace.

  • New anaglyph filter for side-by-side 3D.

  • 4K-ready :)


  • Add hardware decoding for OS X using VDADecoder.

  • Add hardware decoding for Android using MediaCodec.

  • Add hardware decoding for GNU/Linux using VDPAU.

  • Add hardware encoding for Windows using Intel QuickSyncVideo.

  • Support for G2M4, MSS1, MSS2, TSCC2, CDXL, Ut, VBLE video codecs.

  • Support for Ulead DV audio, Indeo Audio Coder, RealAudio Lossless audio.

  • Support for SCTE-27 and complete EIA-608 subtitles.


  • Support for fragmented MP4, Wave/RF64 files.

  • Extended metadata tags and cover art support in Ogg, AVI, MP4 and MKV.

  • Support FLAC, Atrac, ADPCM, DV Type 1, 12bits DV audio in AVI.

  • Extended support for AVI, MKV and MJPEG streams.

  • Better recording of AVI and MKV format.

  • Audio fingerprinting using AcoustID.

Input and Devices

  • Support for screen input on OSX Lion and later.

  • Support for Microsoft Smooth Streaming, developed by Viotech.net

  • New RTMP input module, using libavformat!

  • Support for VNC/rfb and Remote Desktop view-only modes.

  • Important improvements on Blu-Ray, Dash, v4l2 and HTTP inputs.

  • New AVFoundation OS X and shm framebuffer inputs.

For Anime Fans

  • New 6.1 downmixer to 5.1 and Stereo from MKV/Flac 6.1.

  • Correct YUV->RGB color matrix in the OpenGL shaders.

  • Improved MKV support for seeking, and resiliancy.

  • Editions support in MKV.

  • Better subtitles and metadata support from MKV.

  • Various ASS subtitles improvements.

For Mobile

  • Port to Android, from 2.1 to 4.3, on ARMv6, ARMv7, x86 and MIPS.

  • New port to iOS, from iOS 5 to 7, on all iPads and iPhones after 3GS.

  • Partial port to WinRT, for Windows 8, 8.1 and WP8.

  • OpenGL ES optimized outputs.

  • Improvements of OpenMAX IL decoders, encoders and renderers.

  • New audio, video outputs and interfaces for mobiles.

For Developers

  • libVLC and most modules are now LGPLv2.1+.

  • libVLC media framework can now be used in all types of applications.

  • libVLC SDK packages now exists, in addition to more examples.

  • Improved libVLC API, for better control.

  • VLC's web plugins now support windowless mode, for smoother integration with HTML elements.

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