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Midnight Commander 4.6.2 ‑ a Termináltor

2009.02.03. 12.01
Ma megjelent a legelterjedtebb karakteres felületű két paneles fájlkezelő legúabb verziója, rengeteg hibajaví­tással és szolgáltatással.

- MC Core
- Changed HQ url to point to new website
www.midnight-commander.org (Closes: #137, #138)
- Added a micro helper library in order to go slowly
avay from glib (Closes: #157)
- Use static strings as section entries in ~/.mc/history
WARNING!: This will break old files (Closes: #50)
- Fixed a repaint issue when clicking on the "View" Button instead
of using F3 (Closes: #35)
- Removed obsolete autoconf macros (Closes: #133)
- Fix escaping for command line completion (Closes: #147)
- prevent mc from segfaulting when getting invalid timestamps on files (Closes: #96)
- Fixed a keybord issue when running mc via a putty console (Closes: #203)
- setted pty fd to closeonexec (on subshell) (Closes: #174)
- Fixed file renames, when copying/moving is performed
into deleted directories. (Closes: #181)
- Add an option to show executables first in the panels (Closes: #173)
- Fixed concat_dir_and_file if there is a parameter = NULL (Closes: #180)
- Allow out-of-tree builds (Closes: #224, #208)

- Editor
- Syntax highlighting for:
+ debian files (debian/changelog, debian/control, debian/copyright, ..) (Closes: #142)
+ updated sh syntax highlighting (Closes: #143)
+ updated pascal syntax highlighting (Closes: #65)
+ differentiate between c and cpp files for highlighting (Closes: #16)
+ updated python highlighting to support python 2.6 (Closes: #216)
- Removed some unneeded variables (Closes: #168, #151)
- Do use a ro test if a file exists (Closes: #206)
- Fixes some missbehaviour in regex matching (Closes: #207, #211 )
+ start at front of line and not on cursor position
+ . shouldn't match a newline